Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Battle of Hydaspes - Command and Colors Ancients

Side view of the armies deployed

Indian left flank

Indian centre

Indian centre

Indian centre

Indian right flank

Macedonian right flank

Macedonian centre

Macedonian left flank

Macedonian pike advance

Side view of the action

Here are photos of our Battle of Hydaspes, Command and Colors Ancients game, at Little Wars Canberra last Sunday. We played two games, the photos are all of the first game between Dennis and Paul. Both games were a lot of fun, quite close and with identical results, 7-6 victory banners for the Macedonians but Alexander was killed in both games! In the afternoon game I commanded the Indians and Dennis and Rick were the Macedonians. The Indians started really well in both games but eventually ran out of steam to be pipped at the post by the Macedonians. Thanks to Dennis, Paul and Rick for the fun games.

I was chatting to an interested spectator about my Indians and Ancients generally, and it turned out that they lived in the same street as me, three houses up the road! Quite a coincidence! We've exchanged emails and hopefully will get a chance to play a game at some stage.

Opposite side

Indian chariots and elephants get stuck in

Alexander's Companions charge into combat

Another side view

Alexander escapes, for the time being!

Back on the other side

Indian elephants and chariots attack the pike

Closer view of the elephants in action

Indian right flank is threatened

The final surviving elephant unit takes on the pike

Both armies are tied - the deciding combat


  1. What a real pleasure to see this kind of armies, absolutly superb...and spectacular!

  2. Brilliant board and figures, Mike! Great to find a fellow gamer just up the road, too!


    1. Thanks Aaron, yes I couldn't believe it when he said he lived three houses away.

  3. Great looking game and figures for such a historic battle!

    1. Thanks Dean, hopefully I'll get in a few more games with the Indians soon.

  4. Great looking game,two lovely looking armies!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I was pleased that the Indiand did quite well in both games.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, it was fun to use my Indians in their first two games.


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