Monday, April 15, 2024

Border Reivers on Foot


Flags of War

Colonel Bills and Wargames Atlantic

Here are some Border Reivers on foot that I've just finished painting. Figures are a mix of Flags of War, Colonel Bills and Wargames Atlantic plastic Conquistadors. I now have enough mounted and foot figures to try out a game of Border Wars, the Flag of Wars' skirmish rules. I still have plenty of Reivers, civilians and stock to paint for this period with more of the superb Flags of War models, as well as the Timeline Miniatures ones.

Group shot

Friday, April 12, 2024

Sumerian ADLG Game - Lagash versus Ur Revisited


Forces deployed - Lagash on the left, Ur on the right

Opposite end

Shooting commences

Armies close

I haven't played a game with my Sumerian armies for about two years, so thought it was high time to get them out on the table again. Last Thursday afternoon Craig came over and we played a Sumerian ADLG game out in the shed. We diced for sides and I commanded the army of Lagash and Craig commanded the army of Ur. Both armies are very similar and could really represent any Sumerian city state. The spearmen of the army of Ur have copper helmets and copper studded cloaks as depicted in the Standard of Ur in the British Museum. The spearmen of Lagash have copper helmets, crossed leather belts on their upper bodies with long spears and a front rank of axe armed shield bearers with large shields as depicted in the Stele of Vultures in the Louvre.

I had already deployed the armies on a small 6 x 4 foot mat to save time and Craig was the attacker and moved first. The armies advanced within shooting range and exchanged missile fire. I charged on the left flank with my battle cars and in the centre with my spearmen and royal guard axemen. A protracted combat ensued which was soon joined by units on both sides on the Lagash right flank. Craig had terrible luck with his dice in the game and couldn't take a trick in combat. Some games are just like that, as I had experienced recently in our Second Bedriacum, Strength and Honour game! Gaps appeared in the Ur line, a commander was killed in combat and before long the army of Ur had broken. 

Combat in the centre

Battle cars in combat on the Lagash left flank

Gaps appear in the Ur line

Army of Ur breaks

Monday, April 8, 2024

Bronze Age European Chariots


Here are two Bronze Age European chariots with crew and two chieftains on foot. Figures are by Wargames Foundry. I will use these figures as Celt, Iberian and Balkan tribes to fight Sherden or Shardana, Sea Peoples and Mycenaeans.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tlaxcallan Command and Archers


Here are some Tlaxcallan command stands and archers. The command figures with vine and crane banners are by the Assault Group and the archers are a mix of Assault Group and Wargames Atlantic plastic Aztecs that have head bands and feathers added. The Tlaxcallans were enemies of the Aztecs and allies of the Conquistadors. A great resource on the appearance of the Tlaxcallans is the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, an online version of which is available on the University of New Mexico's Digital Collections site.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Macedonian Hypaspists


Here's a guest post by Garry with some Macedonian Hypaspists he's just painted. Figures are a mix of Essex Miniatures and A&A Miniatures with LBM shield transfers and banner.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Border Reivers


Here are some mounted Border Reivers that I've just finished painting. Five are by Flags of War and three by Colonel Bills (the big chunkier figures). Flags of War have just released more Border Reiver figures through a Kickstarter, their entire Border Wars range are fantastic detailed figures. I will use these for their Border Wars skirmish rules as well as Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Second Bedriacum/Cremona Strength and Honour Game


Vitellian and Flavian legions deployed with
the Via Postumia in the centre of the table

Opposite side of the table

Opposing legions fight beside the
embankment of the Via Postumia

Vitellian auxiliary cavalry optimistically advance

Last Wednesday night I went over to Rick's place and we played a 2mm Strength and Honour game of Second Bedriacum/Cremona. We diced for sides, Rick and Gary commanded the Flavian forces led by Marcus Antonius Primus. I commanded the Vitellian forces who were leaderless as their general Aulus Caecina Alienus had been arrested for plotting to defect to Vespasian. The two sides had similar armies with the Vitellians possessing a slight advantage with an extra legion and breaking on 18 points, instead of 17. We both rolled well on the auguries and had four points each. The battle was fought at night and there are a number of special rules in the scenario to emphasise the chaos of night time combat.

It certainly was chaotic and from the start of the game the Vitellians were unable to take a trick. In most combats they rolled a one or two and when a four, an advance, (the best result) was rolled it was immediately cancelled. Both units of Vitellian cavalry were pushed back off the table resulting in disaster cards and the set back cards steadily mounted through out the game. No surprises then when in turn six the Flavians called Homunculus Est and the Vitellians were broken on twenty points. It was a frustrating game for the Vitellians but it was good to get the troops out, use the terrain I'd made and play the scenario with an historical result.

A Vitellian legion has the advantage of two supports

But no result!

Chaotic night time combat

Vitellian legions break

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

More Mongol Cavalry


Here are more cavalry for my Mongol army that I've just finished painting. Figures are by The Assault Group and there's a comparison shot at the bottom with the Fireforge plastic Mongol cavalry.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Lusitanians versus Mongols Lion Rampant Game


Forces deployed

Mongols advance

Lusitanian ginetes and skirmishers

Nearly in bow range!

Last Thursday afternoon Craig came over for a Lion Rampant practice game, as there is a Lion Rampant event as part of BelCon on Saturday 24 March 2024 at the Raiders Club in Kippax. There are various other comps/events, including 15mm MeG over two days, tickets and details are available on the Olympian Games website. Craig has been painting a Late Medieval Portuguese or Lusitanian force for Billhooks but still has some unfinished units. I thought I’d try my Mongols but had to draft in some Huns as substitutes to make up the numbers. 

Both forces advanced to within firing range and the Mongols eventually routed both units of ginetes (Portuguese spelling) and the spearmen. The Lusitanian crossbowmen and skirmishers proved very effective and accounted for the Mongol elite cavalry with leader and a unit of heavy cavalry. The Lusitanian elite cavalry barely advanced the whole game but the crossbowmen and skirmishers did enough to win the day.


Mongols target the spearmen

Whittling away

Lusitanian skirmishers prove effective

Lusitanians win the day

Border Reivers on Foot

  Flags of War Colonel Bills and Wargames Atlantic Here are some Border Reivers on foot that I've just finished painting. Figures are a ...