Monday, November 4, 2019

Varangian Guard

Here are some Varangian Guard that I've just finished painting for my Nikephorian Byzantine army. These are all Crusader Miniatures figures with LBM shield transfers. They are actually spearmen at the ready but I have added Gripping Beast two handed axes rather than spears.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Thessalian Light Cavalry

Here are some Thessalian Light Cavalry. These are Warlord Games figures that were originally by Immortal Miniatures. Thessaly was well known for its cavalry.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Macedonian Slingers

Well it's been very quiet on the gaming and painting front lately, two bouts of 'flu have seen me sidelined for most of the month. I have finished these Macedonian slingers armed with kestros or kestrospendone which were missiles briefly used by the Macedonians under Perseus. These missiles had a spear head attached to a wooden shaft with wooden flights and were shot from a sling with two thongs of unequal length. Xyston make some in 15mm. These 28mm figures were on a kickstarter a few years ago and at the same time I got some gastraphetes, Syracusan belly bowmen.

There are two new ancient skirmish rules coming out soon which looking interesting and may almost atone for the other disappointing sets which have been published this year. Clash of Spears will be released next month and the Too Fat Lardies' Disciplina et Virtus will probably be released next year, maybe in time for Salute?

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Byzantine Psiloi

Here are some psiloi for my Nikephorian and Komnenan Byzantine armies. The staff slingers, crossbowmen and archers are all Crusader Miniatures and the javelinmen are Gripping Beast. I have just received two heavy infantry units from the new Early Byzantine range by Aventine Miniatures. They are really great figures that I'm looking forward to painting and are Antesignani 'before the standards' infantry. However I still have heaps to do on the later Byzantines and I'm working on a unit of Varangian Guard at the moment.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Battle of Ad Salices - Dux Bellorum

View of the table from the Roman lines

View from the Goth lines
Roman left flank

Roman right flank

Goth left flank

Goth right flank

Goth cavalry charges 

Cavalry on the Goth left flank close

Then charge

Infantry advance

Cavalry melee

Last Sunday Craig, Garry and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon, for a Dux Bellorum game with Late Romans and Goths, the Battle of Ad Salices in 377 AD. Craig and Garry were the Roman commanders, Richomeres and Frigeridus and I was the Goth commander Fritigern. Ad Salicum translates as towards the willows, hence the willow trees on the table. In our game after many rounds of close combat the Romans were able to wear down the Goth right flank and eventually it broke.

Goth right flank reforms

Goth infantry charge

Fritigern's Comitatus charge

Infantry slog it out

Skirmishers threaten a flank by the willows

Romans charge Goth warriors on the flank

Roman shieldwall wears the Goths down

Goth left flank survives another round of fighting

Goth right flank routs

Roman shieldwall wins the day

Goth left flanks remains

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Goth Infantry 2

Here are some more Goth infantry. These are all from the Gripping Beast, Dark Ages Warriors plastic set, with LBM shield transfers. They are nice figures, easy to assemble and paint. My only gripe with them is they aren't armed with a seax, the standard side arm for Germanic and all Dark Age warriors. Anyway these figures will see action tomorrow as we have a game lined up at the club, the Battle of Ad Salices 377 AD with Dux Bellorum rules.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Command and Colors Napoleonics - Battle of Dohna 9 October 1813

View from the Russian lines

View from the French lines

Russians attack the village of Klein-Sedlitz

Russians take the village

French move up to counter attack

Forces advance towards the villages of Sirsen and Dohna

Last Wednesday night Rick, Simon, Phil and I met at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Command and Colors Napoleonics (CCN). The scenario was the Battle of Dohna 9 October 1813 in Bohemia with General Bennigsen leading the Russian forces against the French under Lobau. Rick and Simon commanded the French and Phil and I commanded the Russians. This proved to be a hard fought game with the villages of Klein-Sedlitz and Dohna changing sides multiple times. In the end thanks to Phil's incredible dice rolling the Russians prevailed to win 7 to 3 victory banners, while holding the villages of Klein-Sedlitz, Dohna and Ghamig.

Russians capture Dohna

French infantry form a square and bounce the Russian cavalry charge

French attack Klein-Sedlitz

Action around the village of Dohna

Russians drive the French back

Cossacks on the hill destroy a French line regiment

Varangian Guard

Here are some Varangian Guard that I've just finished painting for my Nikephorian Byzantine army. These are all Crusader Miniatu...