Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Battle of Ilipa 206 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Romans on the left, Carthaginians on the right

View from the Carthaginian lines

View from the Roman lines

Velites attack Carthaginian Elephants

Carthaginian right flank

Roman left flank

Velites are forced to retreat

Marcius with Principes and Triarii

Scipio with Principes and Hastai

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club and played a Second Punic War Command and Colors Ancients game. The scenario was the Battle of Ilipa 206 BC in Spain with Scipio taking on Hasdrubal Gisgo. Rick commanded the Romans while I commanded the Carthaginians. Although the Carthaginians out numbered the Romans by a single unit in the scenario, they were up against it with only four command cards and a single commander, compared to the Romans six command cards and two commanders. In the end the Romans won a decisive victory with seven to two victory banners. The game followed the actual historical result with the Romans  winning on both flanks and while the Carthaginian centre was stranded.

Action on the Carthaginian right flank

Carthaginian centre

Hasdrubal Gisgo and Libyan spearmen

Gallic cavalry and Carthaginian elephants

Spanish Scutarii and Caetrati attack

Gallic cavalry attack Velites to no effect

Roman cavalry account for Numidian cavalry

Carthaginian elephants are destroyed - the final nail in the coffin!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mauryan Indians versus Early Seleucids L'Art de La Guerre Game

Side view of the table - Indians on the left, Seleucids on the right

View from the opposite end

Seleucid pike & Persian Takabara peltasts

Seleucid pike, peltasts and camp in the centre

Indian right flank

Indian centre

Indian attackers advance

Indian left flank

Last Sunday down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon, Garry, Craig and I played a standard 200 point L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game, with Mauryan Indians versus Early Seleucids. Garry commanded the Seleucids while Craig and I commanded the Indians. This turned out to be a fairly easy victory for the Seleucids. The Indians entertained hope for some time, until the Seleucid pike in the centre charged home and large gaps started to appear in the Indian centre. The Indians were on the verge of demoralisation and conceded the game.

Indian chariots and cavalry charge

Indian longbow try to wear down the pike

Seleucid pike charge in the centre

Indian elephants take on the peltasts

Action in the centre

Indian left flank

Gaps appear in the Indian centre

Indians are on the verge of demoralisation

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

American Civil War Union Infantry (2)

Here's another Perry ACW Union infantry regiment that I've just finished painting. I used a slightly different sky blue for the trousers, Foundry Union Trouser Blue 112B, instead of the Vallejo Sky Blue 70961, I used on my first regiment. There is only a subtle difference in the colour, there is more grey in the Foundry colour but I think it looks better. I also used a darker acrylic wash of Army Painter Strong Tone rather than the Soft Tone which I usually use. I have some Perry Confederate infantry to paint next but will try and finish some more ancients before then.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Franks versus Patrician Romans Basic Impetus Game

Roman cavalry advances on the flanks

Roman horse archers and Illyrian cavalry

Roman cataphracts


Roman legionaries and archers

Last Sunday afternoon Andrew came over and we played an Early Franks versus Patrician Romans Basic Impetus game. He lives three doors up the road and we finally managed to get around to playing our first game. He has a lovely Patrician Roman/Late Roman army that he has painted, all Gripping Beast plastics and metals with some impressive conversions, especially his horse archers and Illyrian cavalry. Unfortunately the Franks didn't put up much of a fight and a couple of bad cohesion tests rolls later it was all over red rover! Still it was fun to get the figures out and hopefully the first, of many games to come.

Franks advance

Cataphracts retreat

Skirmishers are destroyed

Franks rout

Friday, February 1, 2019

First Game of Rebels and Patriots

Union company left, Confederates right

Opposite side

Confederates advance towards the ridge

Approaching the supply wagon

On Saturday afternoon Craig and I played our first game of Rebels and Patriots. This was a 24 point American Civil War game with Craig commanding a  Union company while I had the Confederates. The scenario was First Clash at Lament Ridge where the objective for both sides was an abandoned supply wagon. The Union company had two Green line infantry, two Veteran line infantry and one medium artillery piece with four crew. The Confederates had three Veteran line infantry who were Aggressive and Poor Shooters and a medium artillery piece with four crew.

In the end superior Union numbers and firepower won the day but they did suffer at the hands of Rebel bayonets. This was a fun, fast paced skirmish game which we both enjoyed. The rules have quite a different feel to The Men Who Would Be Kings, and work differently in quite a few areas. Unfortunately there is no Quick Reference Sheet as yet but hopefully there will be one available at some stage.

Rebs control the wagon

Union forces are driven back 

Union firing lines reply

Confederate casualties mount

Superior Union numbers and firepower win the day

Battle of Ilipa 206 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Romans on the left, Carthaginians on the right View from the Carthaginian lines View from the Roman lines Velite...