Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sea People versus New Kingdom Egyptians Chariots Rampant Game

Egyptians left, Sea People right

Some advance, some are inactive

Libyan archers

Lukka warriors

Pelset archers & ox cart, Lukka chariots

The forces close

Egyptian skirmishers bravely advance

The Lukka attack in the centre

Egyptian chariots on the left flank

Egyptian mace/axemen retreat

Yesterday afternoon out in the shed, I played a solo Chariots Rampant game with Sea People versus New Kingdom Egyptians. This is the first game I've played out in the shed since our home renovations were finished. Both sides had 48 point forces and the scenario was the usual Bloodbath one, with Sea People raiders trying to capture a village while the Egyptians defended it. The game was a lot of fun and proved to be level pegging most of the way. The Egyptian leader was killed by lucky blows and a few turns later the same fate befell the Sea People leader. In the end it was a bloody draw with both sides suffering heavy casualties.

Shosu warriors attack the Sherden

The Sherden rout!

Pelset chariots attack in desperation, Egyptians counter charge

Pelset warriors have another crack

Egyptian leader is killed by lucky blows, the chariots suffer further casualties

Pelset archers and ox cart

Teresh skirmishers backed by Sherden warriors

The last hurrah for the Pelset chariots

The Egyptian chariots prevail on the left flank

Egyptian archers finish off the Lukka chariots

End of game - a bloody draw!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Pict Chariot and Cavalry

Here are a Pict chariot and some Pict cavalry that I've just finished painting. The chariot and crew are Foundry and the cavalry are 1st Corps, all with LBM shield transfers. Most of my Picts are Foundry and Gripping Beast. Obviously painting the plaid is slow and time consuming, so the next unit make take some time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Carthaginian Elephant and Libyan Javelinmen

Happy 2020 to everyone!

Here are a Carthaginian elephant and crew by Xyston Miniatures and some Libyan javelinmen by Corvus Belli, that I've just finished painting. These are the start of a Later Carthaginian DBA army.

It has been a grim start to the New Year here with catastrophic bush fires along the coast of NSW and Victoria. There has has been significant loss of life and property and there has been almost constant smoke from the fires here in Canberra over the last four weeks with many roads and areas closed. Here's hoping for better and cooler weather over the summer!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Village Raid Dux Bellorum Game

Visigoths defending the village

Saxon right flank and centre

Saxon left flank

Saxon skirmishers and cavalry

Saxons advance on the village

Saxon fanatics (Footsore Attecotti)

On Saturday afternoon Craig and I played a Dux Bellorum game with the Village Raid scenario. My Visigoths defended a village against Craig's Saxons attackers. The Saxon attack faltered early on when their left flank crumbled. They pressed home in the centre and on the right and routed two units of Visigoth cavalry but suffered further casualties were unable to pass their 50% casualties break test.

Earlier on Boxing Day we played a Samnite versus Republican Roman 900 point, Clash of Spears game (see photo at the bottom of the post). This was pretty disappointing, not much chop at all, very WAB like and fiddly. Craig thought they've overcooked the command and control as there seemed to be more counters than figures on the table.

Visigoth infantry charge on the right flank

Saxon left flank crumbles

The centre gets messy

Visigoth cavalry are charged in the flank

Saxons fail test for 50% casualties

Visigoths repel the Saxon attack

Samnite vs Republican Romans Clash of Spears game

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Goth Noble Cavalry

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy gaming, painting and blogging for 2020! Here are some Goth Noble cavalry with LBM shield transfers from the Gripping Beast plastic set. This is basically the same set as the Late Roman Heavy Cavalry one with different head and helmet options. I've gone with dry, burnt grass basing on these figures as I want to use them as Vandals in North Africa as well.

I backed the Kickstarter for Clash of Spears, a new set of ancient skirmish rules and today received an advanced pdf copy of the rules. The hard copy is suppose to be released in February next year. I'm looking forward to reading and trying these out. First impression it looks to be a really nice set, 156 pages, lavishly produced with great photos and illustrations, it reminds me of the old WAB supplements.

Sea People versus New Kingdom Egyptians Chariots Rampant Game

Egyptians left, Sea People right Some advance, some are inactive Libyan archers Lukka warriors Pelset archers &...