Thursday, September 14, 2023

Nubians and Ambush in Kush Chariots Rampant Game


Nubian warriors with Chieftain - Warrior infantry

Nubian warriors - Light infantry with javelins

Nubian warriors - Light infantry with javelins

Nubian archers

Nubian archers

Nubian archers

Above are some photos of some Nubians I've finished painting, except for most of the archers and the Nubian chieftain which I painted a while ago. They're a real mix of ranges from Wargames Foundry (the best), Casting Room Miniatures, Warlord Nubians and Kushites, Vendel Kushites, Essex Miniatures and Black Tree Designs (the worst). I used these figures today for a 24 point Nubian Chariots Rampant force against New Kingdom Egyptians, commanded by Craig. The scenario was a Nubian ambush of the Egyptians, and proved to be a lot of fun. See photos below. The Egyptians just managed to fight off the Nubian attack but it was very close.

Egyptians deployed

The Nubian ambush is launched

Archers find their range

Nubian chieftain & warrior infantry retreat battered

Casualties mount on both sides

Nubian archers on the right retreat battered

Egyptians fight off the Nubian ambush

A single Nubian archer unit remains

Monday, September 4, 2023

Mercian and Northumbrian Skirmishers


Here are some 7th century Mercian and Northumbrian skirmishers that I've just finished painting. There are three units or two bases each of javelinmen and archers. These are 15mm Wiglaf Miniatures for Dan Mersey's Age of Penda rules. They're gorgeous figures sculpted by Mark Copplestone. The rules use offset grids or hexes and all the skirmishers are treated the same regardless of weapons. I'm planning on using a 5 inch hex mat and these figures just squeeze into it, you need to be able to fit three units a side, under the rules, per grid or hex.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Republican Roman Consuls


Here are some Republican Roman Consuls command stands from the archives. These are all Relic Miniatures except for the figure on the white horse with black legs, tail and mane which is by Crusader Miniatures. The heroic figure on the rearing horse is the big Roman military man and the other one is the political animal, I think but it doesn't seem to be on their website anymore. 

I haven't been painting much lately and have been distracted by my new e-mtb which has been a lot of fun. Last weekend I went up to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains and we did three rides, see photos below. The first was on single tracks around Blackheath and the second from Wentworth Falls to Glenbrook, 63 km mainly fire trails but with 8 km of single track near the end. The boost mode on the e-mtb was fantastic on the steep climbs as I'm not very fit! The third ride was out at Mt Canobolas near Orange. It was very wet and muddy here and quite a few single tracks were closed for logging. I had a stack on this and am currently recovering from a sprained thumb and bruised shoulder!

Start of the Woodford to Glenbrook section

Very muddy at Mt Canobolas!

Federal Falls, Mt Canobolas

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sea Peoples versus New Kingdom Egyptians ADLG Game


Egyptians and Sea Peoples deployed

Opposite side

Egyptian right flank

Egyptian centre

Egyptian camp

Egyptian left flank

Last Thursday afternoon Garry came over to my place and we played a Sea Peoples versus New Kingdom Egyptian ADLG game out in the shed. We diced for sides and I commanded the Egyptians and Garry commanded the Sea Peoples with Libyan allies. This was similar to a game we played last year but this time I was the Egyptians, facing the impetuous Sea Peoples and Libyan warriors! It was a pretty quick game and I forgot to take photos for much of it. In the end the Egyptian chariots did well but their infantry were no match for the Sea Peoples and Libyans and they lost 22-12.

Sea Peoples' left flank - Pelset

Sea Peoples' camp, a Pelset ox cart

Sea Peoples' centre - Sherden and Lukka

Sea Peoples’ right flank - Libyan allies

Egyptian chariots close on the left

Egyptian chariots charge on the right

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Republican Roman Principes and Triarii

Here are some Republican Roman Principes and Triarii from the archives. I painted these eight figure units about nine years ago. They're all Victrix figures with Victrix shield transfers.

Nubians and Ambush in Kush Chariots Rampant Game

  Nubian warriors with Chieftain - Warrior infantry Nubian warriors - Light infantry with javelins Nubian warriors - Light infantry with jav...