Thursday, September 28, 2023

Huns versus Foederate Romans Pacto MeG Game


Romans are out scouted and deploy first

Opposite end

Romans and Hun cavalry advance

Horse archers shoot on the Roman left flank

Last Thursday afternoon Robert, Garry and Craig came over to my place and we played a MeG Pacto game out in the shed, with the Huns taking on the Foederate Romans. We diced for sides. I commanded the Romans, while Garry commanded the Huns. Robert generously offered to advise and talk us through the latest changes made to the Pacto version of the rules. This was really handy as we both haven’t played a game since last year. Craig watched the game, providing moral support, as well as some fresh duck and chicken eggs straight from his farm. Andrew also dropped in and said hello and had a quick chat.

The Roman cavalry advanced and then charged on both the flanks, while the infantry advanced in the centre. The Hun cavalry fell back shooting, their Frank and Burgundian infantry movements were limited by a mediocre commander and poor command discs. The Roman left flank was quickly whittled away by the Huns’ shooting, combat and a flank charge. The Roman right flank had slightly more success but overall the Romans were toast and while they hadn’t reach break point it was only a matter of time before further flank charges achieved this.

Roman cavalry charge

Cavalry combat with Hun horse
archers threatening the flank

Roman left flank is whittled down

Romans are toast

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Vosges 58 BC Strength and Honour Game


Romans left, Germans right deployed

German attackers advance

A superior Suebi Warband pushes
a legion back into the camp

On Tuesday afternoon Rick came over with his new 2mm barbarian war band army and we played a game of Strength and Honour out in the shed. The scenario was Vosges 58 BC with Caesar leading his Romans against the German forces of Ariovistus. We diced for sides and I was Ariovistus and Rick was Caesar with the Romans. The Germans were lucky with their dice and managed to advance and attack the Romans before they advanced at all. We were pretty rusty with the rules, our last game was back in April but the Romans had a lot of bad luck throughout the game. Before long the setback and disaster cards were mounting for the Romans. Caesar was able to cancel three German Homunculus Est calls with Generalship and Strategy points but all to no avail eventually as the Romans were easily broken.

Setback and disaster cards mount for the Romans

Romans bad luck continues

Fourth German attempt at Homunculus Est
Caesar's Romans are easily broken

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Nubians and Ambush in Kush Chariots Rampant Game


Nubian warriors with Chieftain - Warrior infantry

Nubian warriors - Light infantry with javelins

Nubian warriors - Light infantry with javelins

Nubian archers

Nubian archers

Nubian archers

Above are some photos of some Nubians I've finished painting, except for most of the archers and the Nubian chieftain which I painted a while ago. They're a real mix of ranges from Wargames Foundry (the best), Casting Room Miniatures, Warlord Nubians and Kushites, Vendel Kushites, Essex Miniatures and Black Tree Designs (the worst). I used these figures today for a 24 point Nubian Chariots Rampant force against New Kingdom Egyptians, commanded by Craig. The scenario was a Nubian ambush of the Egyptians, and proved to be a lot of fun. See photos below. The Egyptians just managed to fight off the Nubian attack but it was very close.

Egyptians deployed

The Nubian ambush is launched

Archers find their range

Nubian chieftain & warrior infantry retreat battered

Casualties mount on both sides

Nubian archers on the right retreat battered

Egyptians fight off the Nubian ambush

A single Nubian archer unit remains

Monday, September 4, 2023

Mercian and Northumbrian Skirmishers


Here are some 7th century Mercian and Northumbrian skirmishers that I've just finished painting. There are three units or two bases each of javelinmen and archers. These are 15mm Wiglaf Miniatures for Dan Mersey's Age of Penda rules. They're gorgeous figures sculpted by Mark Copplestone. The rules use offset grids or hexes and all the skirmishers are treated the same regardless of weapons. I'm planning on using a 5 inch hex mat and these figures just squeeze into it, you need to be able to fit three units a side, under the rules, per grid or hex.

Skirmish Before Stoke Field - Billhooks Deluxe Game

  Yorkists deployed on the northern edge of the table Royalists on the southern edge German skirmishers head for the woods German pike reinf...