Monday, March 25, 2019

Late Roman Horse Archers

Here are some Late Roman horse archers. It has been pretty quite on the gaming and painting front lately. These figures are by Footsore Miniatures and the ox cart is by 4G and the oxen by North Star Miniatures. A lot of DBX rules require a baggage element for a camp so this is quite handy for that purpose.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Battle of Telamon 225 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

View of the table with the Gauls deployed in the centre

Opposite end

Gallic chariots

Gallic baggage with guard

Atilius Regulus leads his Roman cavalry

Gallic cavalry on the hill

Taurisci and Boii infantry

Gaesati and Insubres infantry

Roman cavalry charge the Gallic cavalry

On Wednesday I played a solo game of the Battle of Telamon with Command and Colors Ancients. Telamon was the choice for this year's Society of Ancients Battle Day and there is an excellent article, by Duncan Head on it, in the latest issue of Slingshot (Issue No 322). I used this article and a slightly modified Command and Colors scenario for my game. This proved to be surprisingly close and the Gauls, certainly gave a good account of themselves.

The Romans got off to a flying start by charging and routing all of the Gallic cavalry and killing one of the Gallic commanders, in the first turn. The Romans played a Double Time card and launched an attack on the Gaesati and Insubres with equal losses on both sides. The Gauls responded with a Clash of Shields card and were able to destroy Aemilius' infantry centre. The victorious Roman cavalry on the hill counter attacked and were able to grind the Gallic infantry down. In the end the Romans won by 8 to 5 Victory Banners.

Roman cavalry make a Momentum Advance

Gallic chariots attack Regulus' Velites

Gallic chariots attack Aemilius' Velites

Aemilius' infantry attack with a Double Time card

Gaesati make a Momentum Advance

Gaesati and Insubres destroy Aemilius' centre

Roman cavalry counter attack

A Boii warrior unit charges

The Romans win by 8 to 5 Victory Banners

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Peninsular War Rebels and Patriots Game - Hold the Bridge

French attackers on the left, British defenders on the right

Most of the French advance

95th Rifles enter the woods and the KGL cross the river

Riflemen evade the attacking French, KGL on the bridge form Close Order

KGL in the woods suffer casualties but are undaunted

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday I played a solo late Peninsular War game of Rebels and Patriots. In the scenario the French attack a bridge and the outnumbered British trying to hold it for six turns. This was a standard 24 point game with the companies as described before. It turned out to be a pretty tough scenario for the French against the upgraded British units who were all Veterans, Aggressive and Good Shooters or Sharp Shooters in the case of the 95th Rifles. The French managed to attack in the woods and on the bridge but were beaten back and suffered heavy casualties. They were disordered and their attack foundered. It was a fun game and good to get my French and British Napoleonics out on the table.

French attack the KGL

KGL force them to retreat and follow up leaving them disordered

Volley fire by the KGL on the bridge leaves the French retreating and disordered

Final turn and the valiant French attack has foundered

Monday, March 4, 2019

French Voltigeurs

Here are some skirmishing French Voltigeurs from the Perry plastics set, French Napoleonic Line Infantry 1812-1815, that I've just finished painting. I want to try a solo late Peninsular War scenario with the Rebels and Patriots rules and these skirmishers bring my French company up to 24 points. The French have two veteran line infantry units (6 points each), two line infantry units (4 points) and one unit of skirmishers who are Good Shooters (4 points).

The British are outnumbered nearly two to one but have two veteran line infantry units of KGL who are also Good Shooters and Aggressive (9 points each) and a unit of veteran skirmishers (95th rifles of course) who are Sharpshooters (8 points each). The scenario is pretty simple the British have to defend a bridge for six turns while the French have to try and take it. It should be fun to see how it works out and I'll post photos and a report soon.

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