Friday, November 26, 2021

Indian Reinforcements


Here are some reinforcements for my Indian army to bring a cavalry unit and a two horse chariot unit up to strength. The cavalry are Newline Designs figures and the chariots are Old Glory Miniatures but I've added in some 1st Corps crew and drivers for a bit of variety. As mentioned in the previous post, we have a Late Achaemenid Persians versus Indians MeG game organised for next week, so these figures will probably see action then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Darius III King of Kings


Darius III and the Ishtar Gate

Today there's a guest post by Garry with his Battle Standard Miniatures, Darius III, King of Kings. The photo at the top shows him with some Casting Room Miniatures Guard Persian cavalry for comparison. We've got a Late Achaemenid Persian versus Indian Pacto MeG game lined up and no doubt Darius will be making an appearance. It will also be a chance to use my Kardakes that I painted up earlier in the year in their first game (see photo at the bottom of the post). 

The MeG Late Persian lists looks quite strong, lots of good cavalry and mercenary Greek hoplite infantry, I don't think the Indians will give them too much trouble.The Kardakes are rated as poor troops which seems a bit harsh, when Takabara peltasts and crescent shielded spearmen are rated average (there's a minus one modifier in combat for troops with a lower rating). They still have Long Spear, Shield Cover and Shove and can be in bases of three for Pacto which actually makes them quite resilient. Anyway it should be a fun game and interesting to see what happens.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Early Seleucids versus Graeco-Bactrians Mortem et Gloriam Game


Graeco-Bactrians on the left, Seleucids on the right

Opposite end of the table

Seleucid left flank

Seleucid centre

Seleucid centre

Seleucid right flank

Graeco-Bactrian left flank

Graeco-Bactrian centre

Graeco-Bactrian centre

Graeco-Bactrian right flank

Last Friday afternoon I played another solo MeG Pacto game out in the shed. This time the Early Seleucids taking on the Graeco-Bactrians, both armies with pike, elephants and decent cavalry, although the Bactrians had the advantage there. The Bactrians had the upper hand early on, routing a unit of Seleucid line cavalry. A pike and elephant slogging match commenced in the centre once both sides closed in combat. The cavalry combat on the flanks also proved to be protracted, before the Seleucid flanks finally broke under the weight of numbers. Despite the length of the game the Graeco-Bactrians won easily 15-2!

Armies advance

Getting closer

Seleucid cavalry charge and Bactrians countercharge

Seleucid Companions appear combat shy

Entire line closes in combat

Pike slogging match commences

Casualties mount

Bactrians pursue routed Seleucid cavalry

Seleucid army breaks

Monday, November 15, 2021

Early Seleucids versus Galatians Mortem et Gloriam Game


Galatians left, Early Seleucids right

Opposite end of the table

Seleucid right flank

Seleucid centre

Seleucid left flank

Galatian right flank

Galatian centre

Galatian centre

Pisidian allies on the Galatian left flank

On Sunday morning I played a solo Pacto sized Mortem et Gloriam (MeG) game out in the shed, with the Early Seleucids taking on the Galatians. The armies advanced and were quickly in combat with the Galatian cavalry routed by the Seleucid Companions on their right flank. Meanwhile on the opposite flank the Seleucid line cavalry were routed by the Galatian chariots and combining with the cavalry threatened the Seleucid right flank. The Galatian warriors charged home and were soon engaged in a prolonged slogging match with the Seleucid line. The game seemed quite close and hard fought with wounded and killed commanders on both sides. The resilience of the Seleucid pike with three rather than two bases a unit was vital and in the end they won convincingly 15-4.

Armies advance

Galatian cavalry charge Companions

Galatian cavalry are routed

More charges on the Seleucid left flank and centre

Casualties slowly mount

Galatians suffer

Galatian cavalry and chariots break though on the left

They threaten the Seleucid pike's flank

Galatians break

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