Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Galatian chariots (3 x LCh)

Galatian cavalry (2 x Cav)

Here are some 15mm Celts that I will use as a Galatian DBA army to fight my Early Seleucids. The figures are a mix of Xyston, Essex, Minifigs and Corvus Belli. Some of the shields have LBM and VVV transfers and the rest are hand painted. The stone huts and enclosure are by Blue Moon. Some of the photos I took didn't past muster, there are three warband elements missing, but you can see them in the back rank of the cropped group photo at the bottom.

The back drop photo was taken at Hattusa (modern Bogazkoy), the old Hittite capital, on our visit there in 2011. The Galatians settled in Central Anatolia in the first half of the third century BC, actually at this site. According to Jurgen Seeher in his guidebook, Hattusha Guide: A Day in the Hittite Capital (p.175.):

The site of Tavium near the village Buyuk Nefeskoy some 20km south of Bogazkoy became the seat of the Trokmer clan, who took the land around Hattusha/Bogazkoy under their control. Buyukkale once again became a fortified citadel, and a small village occupied part of what had been the Lower City. The painted pottery characteristic of the Galatians was recovered here, as well as vessels imported from the Hellenistic cities along the west coast.

Galatian warriors (6 x Wb)

Galatian archers and slingers (2 x Psiloi)

Galatian DBA army with options (16 elements)

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Flavian versus Vitellian Early Imperial Roman Civil War Game

Vitellian (left) and Flavian (right) forces deployed

Opposite end of the table

Vitellian centre

Vitellian right flank

Vitellian left flank

Flavian left flank

Flavian centre

Flavian right flank

Earlier today Craig, Garry, Gary and I met down at the Vikings Club and played a 69 AD, Year of the Four Emperors, Roman Civil War ADLG game. Craig and Garry commanded the Vitellian forces while Gary and I commanded the Flavian forces. Both sides had 200 points and similar armies, and the game quickly became a protracted legionary slogging match.  The Flavian forces had the best of it at first but eventually suffered heavy casualties and were exhausted. In the end both sides became demoralised in the same turn, although the advantage was slightly in the Flavian forces favour, as the Vitellian centre was totally shot.

Flavian forces advance

Vitellian artillery delivers withering fire

Flavian right flank charges

Action in the centre

Flavian left flank closes

Side view of the battle

The Vitellian centre under pressure

Flavian auxiliaries about to cop a flank charge

Both sides are exhausted and demoralised

Monday, November 4, 2019

Varangian Guard

Here are some Varangian Guard that I've just finished painting for my Nikephorian Byzantine army. These are all Crusader Miniatures figures with LBM shield transfers. They are actually spearmen at the ready but I have added Gripping Beast two handed axes rather than spears.

Command and Colors Ancients - Lake Vadimon 283 BC

  The Romans, Etruscans and Boii deployed Opposite end Etruscan light infantry suffer casualties from a retreat Roman leves with casualties ...