Thursday, October 27, 2022

Peninsular War British - 1st (or the Royal) Regiment of Foot


Battalion in line

Light and centre companies

Here's a battalion of Peninsular War British, they're the 1st (or the Royal) Regiment of Foot retitled as the 1st (or the Royal Scots) Regiment of Foot in 1812. The first and third battalions served through the entire Peninsular War. The figures are all Perry Miniatures that I picked up at Cancon quite a few years ago, very nicely painted by the Dragon Painting Service from Hong Kong I think. I've just finished rebasing them and added some Victrix flags, so will hopefully get in a game with them soon.

Command and centre companies

Centre and Grenadier companies

Friday, October 14, 2022

Early German Cavalry


Here are some Early German cavalry that I've just finished painting. They're great figures by Wargames Foundry and look suitably fierce and hirsute! The shields are mainly hand painted, with a few LBM transfers. I swapped these figures years ago for some Vendel Persian cavalry and have finally got around to finishing them off. I have made a start on quite a few more cavalry and infantry units for my Early Germans with a real mix of ranges both plastic and metal.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition - Late Romans versus Huns Game


Huns and Goth infantry deployed in the SW corner

Late Roman infantry deployed in the NW corner

The race is on

Late Roman cavalry are in charge range

Late Roman cavalry retreat after charging

On Monday Craig came over and we played another Lion Rampant 2nd Edition game out in the shed. Craig was the attacker with his Late Romans and I was the defender with my Huns. The scenario was a Gentle Stroll with the defenders, on a forced march, aiming to exit the opposite table corner with at least half of their war band's total points value. I rolled a 12 for the leader's skills and had a great commander,  so the leader's unit automatically passed every activation. Very handy, possibly Attila himself, had joined the warband!

The Romans moved first and the race was on. The Romans after a couple of turns were able to charge a Hun heavy cavalry unit who countercharged and were able to beat off successive attacks before succumbing to their wounds. The Romans failed several movement and charge activations but tried again attacking with light infantry this time. Two attacks were beaten off by the Hun leader's unit and another failed Roman charge activation allowed them to escape. The Goth infantry were the sacrificial lambs in the game allowing the faster Hun cavalry to escape.

Roman cavalry charge again

Will the Huns escape?

The net is closing

Huns escape!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition - Early Crusades Game


Seljuks left, Crusaders right

Seljuk heavy cavalry with bow

Seljuk infantry and horse archers

Crusaders advance

On Monday Craig came over to my place and we played a Lion Rampant 2nd Edition Early Crusades game. We diced for scenarios and got Scenario 7: Hold on Tight, Craig was the attacker with his Seljuk Turks and I was the defender with my Early Crusaders. We advanced in turn to the objective, a field in the middle of the table. The Seljuks had the best of the early missile fire exchange. My recently painted Turcopoles failed to activate repeatedly in turns with both shooting and skirmishing and most of the fighting was done by the Crusader knights. The Seljuks wiped out the Crusaders leader's unit and when the   Crusader spearmen failed a courage test it was all over, a convincing victory for the Seljuks.

Crusader knights line up a wild charge

Crusaders attack the Seljuk flanks

Seljuk light infantry wall of spears causes a retreat

Crusader spearmen fail a courage test

Seljuk victory

Command and Colors Ancients - Lake Vadimon 283 BC

  The Romans, Etruscans and Boii deployed Opposite end Etruscan light infantry suffer casualties from a retreat Roman leves with casualties ...