Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lion Rampant 2nd Edition - Early Crusades Game


Seljuks left, Crusaders right

Seljuk heavy cavalry with bow

Seljuk infantry and horse archers

Crusaders advance

On Monday Craig came over to my place and we played a Lion Rampant 2nd Edition Early Crusades game. We diced for scenarios and got Scenario 7: Hold on Tight, Craig was the attacker with his Seljuk Turks and I was the defender with my Early Crusaders. We advanced in turn to the objective, a field in the middle of the table. The Seljuks had the best of the early missile fire exchange. My recently painted Turcopoles failed to activate repeatedly in turns with both shooting and skirmishing and most of the fighting was done by the Crusader knights. The Seljuks wiped out the Crusaders leader's unit and when the   Crusader spearmen failed a courage test it was all over, a convincing victory for the Seljuks.

Crusader knights line up a wild charge

Crusaders attack the Seljuk flanks

Seljuk light infantry wall of spears causes a retreat

Crusader spearmen fail a courage test

Seljuk victory


  1. Great to see Crusaders on the table!
    Looking amazing.

    1. Thanks Michal, they’re the Victrix Norman cavalry set, that have options for Early Crusaders.

  2. That all worked nicely. Looks good too.

    1. Thanks OB, it does work well and is fun and quick to play.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Aaron, I’m looking forward to the Crusades expansion for Command & Colors Medieval.


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