Friday, September 30, 2022

Ark of the Covenant and Hebrew Chariots


Here's the Ark of the Covenant and two Hebrew chariots that I've just finished painting. All the figures are by Castaway Arts except for the crew and chariot with barded horses which are by Newline Designs. The David and Goliath figures are also by Castaway but I painted them years ago. I'll use the Ark as a sacred camp for my Hebrew/Israelite army. I have some elite Gibborim 'mighty men' and some Philistine/Pelset spearmen based and undercoated as well. The initial aim is for small forces for both sides.


  1. Very nice figures - I have often considered a Hebrew army but think I need to do soem of t he other chariot armies I have in lead first.

    1. Thanks, I have far too many chariot armies as well but it’s good to make a start on these.


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