Thursday, October 26, 2023

Mongol Drummer


Here's a Mongol drummer mounted on a bactrian camel. This is the Fireforge Games resin model. I have quite a few of The Assault Group metal figures and Fireforge resin and plastic figures to paint for my Mongol army. For opponents I have medieval Russians, all Fireforge resin and plastic figures.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Epic Command and Colors Ancients - Crimissos River 341 BC


Carthaginian chariots

Sacred Band

Hasdrubal with heavy infantry

Light infantry

Auxilia and medium infantry

Carthaginian left flank behind the river

Carthaginian and Spanish cavalry

Syracusan right flank, all light infantry

Syracusan centre

Syracusan left flank

Last Thursday afternoon Rick, Garry and Robert came over and we played an Epic CCA game out in the shed. The scenario was Crimissos River 341 BC with a Syracusan/Corinthian/Greek army under Timoleon taking on the Carthaginians under Hasdrubal. We've played this scenario before in a standard game and the Carthaginians won easily but there are no special rules for the storm which was such a significant factor in their historical defeat in the battle. Plutarch in his life of Timoleon provides the details:

The tempest enveloped the Greeks from behind and beat upon their backs, but it struck the barbarians in the face, while lightning dazzled their eyes as the storm swept violently along with torrents of rain and continual flashes darting out from the clouds. These were terrible disadvantages, especially to inexperienced troops, and above all, it seems, the roar of the thunder and the beating of the rain and hail upon the men’s armour prevented them from hearing their officers’ commands. Besides this the mud also proved a great hindrance to the Carthaginians - who were not lightly equipped, but clad in full armour, as I have described - and so did the water which filled the bosoms of their tunics and made them heavy and unwieldy in their movements. It was easy for the Greeks to fell them, and once on the ground it was impossible for them to rise again from the mud because they were encumbered by their armour.

Plutarch, Timoleon in The Age of Alexander, translated by Ian Scott-Kilvert, Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1973, p.177.

I decided to try some special rules to reflect the effects of the storm on the Carthaginians. In turns three and four heavy and medium infantry fight with only two dice in combat, all other Carthaginian troops are reduced to one die in combat and the same for shooting. In addition all troops crossing the Crimissos River in these turns, roll two dice for casualties, suffering hits on their respective coloured symbols and leader symbols. In our game these rules seemed to work, no units suffered unduly. One special rule in the scenario we forgot to use was the Sacred Band ignoring one sword and flag symbol in combat but this didn’t alter the end result at all.

Before the storm struck in turns three and four, the Carthaginians attacked on their right flank with the Sacred Band taking out units of Syracusan auxilia and medium cavalry. The Syracusans cancelled an Order Heavy Troops card and then destroyed both units of Carthaginian heavy chariots. The Carthaginian attack during the storm stalled and on the left flank, two units were caught crossing the river as it flooded and suffered casualties. Back on the right flank, the Syracusans got on a roll, Hasdrubal and his heavy infantry were all killed and finally the Sacred Band was surrounded and destroyed. Once the storm abated the Carthaginians attacked on their left flank and managed to destroy some light infantry and claw back a couple of victory banners. It was too little, too late and the Carthaginians suffered a heavy defeat as they did in the actual battle. The Syracusans thrashing them 9-4 victory banners.

Syracusan and Carthaginian armies deployed

Opposite end

Sacred Band attack

Syracusan cavalry charge the Carthaginian chariots

Carthaginian right flank attack stalls in the storm

Syracusans get on a roll

Carthaginians suffer casualties
crossing the river in the storm

Syracusan light infantry hold back

Storm abates

Back on the right flank the Sacred Band are
surrounded but go down fighting

Carthaginians attack on the left
but are thrashed 9-4 by the Syracusans

Friday, October 13, 2023

Billhooks Deluxe Game Four


Yorkists deployed on the left,
Lancastrians on the right

Opposite end

Yorkists advance

Last Thursday afternoon Craig came over and we played a 130 point Billhooks Deluxe, War of the Roses game out in the shed. Craig commanded the Lancastrians and I had the Yorkists. This was a practice game as Craig is playing in the Billhooks Italia and Albion comp at BelCon which will be held at the Raiders Club in Kippax over the weekend of 21-22 October 2023. This BelCon has a number of other events/comps, including 15mm MeG and 28mm Black Powder and Bolt Action. Tickets for entry to the events can be purchased on the Olympian Games website.

Craig tried some archers with stakes in his force while I had more men-at-arms, billmen and skirmishers. As the attacker I tried to advance as quickly as possible before losing casualties to the inevitable arrow storm. My men-at arms on the left flank charged the Lancastrian billmen, after two rounds of combat the billmen retreated daunted with both commanders wounded and reduced to dolt/single command level. My men-at arms were wiped out but the supporting billmen were still in tact. In the centre my other unit of men-at-arms charged his billmen and his Commander in Chief was killed in a duel with mine. End of a fun, if chaotic game!

Skirmishers and artillery fire

Lancastrian archers double shoot 

Yorkist men-at-arms charge Lancastrian billmen

Lancastrian Commander-in-Chief is killed in a duel

Monday, October 9, 2023

Parthian Horse Archers


Here are some Parthian horse archers I've just finished painting. These are all Victrix Miniatures from their plastic horse archer set. I have another lot to do as Scythian horse archers for my Scythian army.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Mongol Command and Cavalry


Here are some Mongol command figures and cavalry that I've painted. I've been reading Kenneth W. Harl's book Empires of the Steppes The Nomadic Tribes Who Shaped Civilisation which got me inspired to start work on my Mongol army. This book is a great over view of the nomadic tribes, both in the east and west, from the Bronze Age right through to Tamerlane. The command figures above are Subutai, one of Genghis Khan's greatest generals, a resin Fireforge Games figure. The dismounted command stand figures with golden eagle are metal by The Assault Group. The plastic Mongol cavalry figures below are by Fireforge Games.

Skirmish Before Stoke Field - Billhooks Deluxe Game

  Yorkists deployed on the northern edge of the table Royalists on the southern edge German skirmishers head for the woods German pike reinf...