Thursday, February 18, 2021



Another post from the archives, two units of thureophoroi, with LBM banners. The figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Crusader Miniatures and Old Glory Miniatures and were painted about five years ago.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Romans versus Carthaginians - Age of Hannibal Saga Game


Romans on the left, Carthaginians on the right

Roman Consul with Hastati

Roman Velites and Leves

Carthaginians advance

Roman Hastati retreat

Last Saturday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Romans versus Carthaginians, Age of Hannibal Saga Game. I haven't played Saga for a couple of years but did pick up the Age of Hannibal book and $$$ dice when they were released last year. Craig has been playing a fair bit of Saga and won the Dark Age Saga comp with his Normans at CoronaCon which was held here in Canberra on Australia Day. Our game was six points a side with six turns. 

I had Numidian cavalry and Balearic slingers and tried to wear the Romans down with shooting. This had limited success. Even when my elephant charged the Velites it didn't inflict as much damage as I hoped. The Romans have some very powerful abilities on their battle board and Craig used these to good effect. Not being too familiar with Carthaginian battle board, my use was fairly limited, mainly activation and resting of units. It was a fairly close game but once the Romans killed the Carthaginian warlord it was all over, with the Romans victorious 20-16 points.

Numidians and Balearic slingers shoot

Spanish Scutarii retreat

Carthaginian elephant is exhausted

Both warlord and elephant are vulnerable

Carthaginian warlord is killed

End of game, Romans win 20-16 points

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Parthians versus Mauryan Indians Mortem et Gloriam Game


Parthians on the left, Indians on the right

Opposite side of the table

Indian right flank

Indian centre

Indian centre

Indian left flank

Parthian right flank

Parthian centre

Parthian left flank

Armies advance

Indian right flank

Last Friday afternoon I played a solo Parthians versus Mauryan Indians, Pacto sized Mortem et Gloriam (MeG) game out in the shed. I was a few bases short with the Parthian cataphracts, so used some of my Sassanids to make up numbers and used some Persians for the Parthian hillmen infantry. After some desultory shooting, the armies finally closed. The Parthian cataphracts proved to be effective and made short work of the Indian archers in the centre when they managed to get in a flank charge. The Indians soon broke providing the Parthians with an easy victory.

Armies close

Parthian right flank

Charges are declared

Indian cavalry charge

Parthian horse archers evade

Parthian cataphracts charge

Cataphracts charge flank of Indian archers

Side view from the Indian right flank

Indian left flank

Indian chariots pursue the horse archers

Indian army breaks

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sassanid Command - Shapur I and Valerian


Here's a Sassanid Command stand of Shapur I and Valerian that I've just finished painting. These are great figures by Aventine Miniatures, who have some fantastic ranges, including easily the best ancient elephants in 28mm.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lion Rampant Crusader States - Sudanese versus Syrian States Game


Warbands deployed - View from the Sudanese side

View from the Syrian side

Most of the Sudanese advance

Syrians advance

Rear Sudanese Fierce Foot are recalcitrant

Sudanese Fierce Foot charge 

On Saturday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Lion Rampant Crusader States game with my Fatmid Sudanese warband taking on his Syrian States one. The Syrian cavalry made the most of their superior fire power and had the Sudanese in trouble from early on in the game. The Sudanese casualties slowly but surely mounted. A rare highlight for the Sudanese was when their light cavalry charged and destroyed a weakened Syrian medium cavalry unit with leader. This only proved to be a minor inconvenience for the Syrians, and their relentless shooting ensured victory.

Battered units retreat

Sudanese archers finally find their range

Sudanese LC contemplate a charge

Syrians circle warily

Sudanese LC destroy the Syrian MC with leader

Wild Turks wipe out Sudanese LC with leader

Hannibal Barca

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