Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sumerian ADLG Game


Armies deployed - Lagash left, Ur right

Archers and slingers exchange fire 

Armies advance

Ur spearmen wheel in the centre

Royal Guard of Lagash

Here's another post from the archives, a Sumerian ADLG game, Craig and I played about five years ago. Craig commanded the army of Lagash, while I commanded the army of Ur. Again I don't remember too much about this, apart from the fact that it was a great victory for Lagash!

I've got another Sumerian game planned, using the same armies which have increased in size since then. This will be a Magna sized MeG game with the army of Lagash under King Eannatum and that of Umma under King Ur-luma (these will actually be the troops of Ur). The Sumerian Shakespeare site has a great page on the Sumerian "Hundred Years War" between Lagash and Umma which was fought over the possession of the fertile fields of Guedena:

A History of the Wars between Umma and Lagash

Ur battle cars smash into Lagash archers

Lagash battle cars lumber forward

Battle cars collide on the Ur right flank

Ditto on the Ur left flank

Gaps appear in the Ur line

Still slogging it out in the centre

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Sassanids versus Late Romans ADLG game


Late Romans left and Sassanids right advance

Late Roman left flank charges

Sassanid left flank charges

On Wednesday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a 200 point Sassanids versus Late Romans L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game. Craig commanded the Late Romans and was the attacker, while I commanded the Sassanids and was the defender. This was our first game of the New Year and proved to be quite a fun, close tussle. The Late Roman cavalry on the left flank charged and the combat there was prolonged and level pegging. 

The Sassanid cavalry on the opposite flank also charged and were able eventually, to rout most of the Late Roman cavalry. In the centre the Sassanid infantry and elephants charged and destroyed two units of legionaries while losing an elephant unit. In the end the Late Romans routed on the loss of 21 cohesion points, while the Sassanids were not far behind on 17, breaking on 20. Shooting doesn't win games in ADLG and the four units of Sassanid cataphracts proved to be the most effective troops.

Late Roman infantry advance in the centre

Combat on the Late Roman left flank is level pegging

Cataphracts turn to face

Sassanid infantry and elephants charge in the centre

Late Romans rout, centre and left flank remain

Monday, January 24, 2022

Sassanid Savaran


Here are some Sassanid Savaran with unarmoured horses that I've just finished painting. These are all A&A Miniatures with LBM shield transfers. We've had a Late Roman vs Sassanids game lined up for quite a while, but it has been postponed about three or four times for various reasons, hopefully we will finally get to play it this week.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Battle of Crimissos 341 BC - Command and Colors Ancients Game


View of armies deployed from the Carthaginian side

View from the Syracusan side

Carthaginian four horse chariot

Hasdrubal leads the Sacred Band

Here are some photos of a Command and Colors Ancients game, the Battle of Crimissos, that Rick and I played down at the Vikings Club about five years ago. I was Hasdrubal and commanded the Carthaginians, while Rick was Timoleon and commanded the Syracusans. I can't really remember what happened but I think the Carthaginians won!

Syracusans attack

Carthaginian right flank is intact

Side view of the game

Carthaginians reinforcements make it across the Crimissos

Syracusans suffer heavy losses

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sassanid Cataphracts


Here are some Sassanid cataphracts that I've just finished painting. These are all A&A Miniatures with LBM shield transfers. I have started on some more Sassanid Aswaran/Asbaran/Savaran, the heavily armoured aristocratic cavalry, but these all have unarmoured horse.

Between Christmas and New Year we did a three day bushwalk in the Snowy Mountains from Geehi to Thredbo up Hannels Spur. Below are a few photos of our trip with our friends Shaun and Viv. Hannels Spur through to Mt Kosciuszko is the largest vertical climb in Australia at 1880m. On our second day we were overtaken by a guy who had run up from Geehi that morning!

Sorting out packs

Doctor Forbes Hut

Starting out - Hannels Spur looms above

Slogging up in hot weather

Moiras Flat campsite end of day one

A leech on Shaun's leg

Clearing of Geehi visible in the background

Sign near Byatts Camp

Views into Victoria

A very large earthworm

Near Abbot Peak

Lunch and a swim at the Wilkinson's Creek weir

A yabbie claw

An alpine funnel web spider lurks in its burrow

Wilkinsons Creek campsite end of day two

Mt Townsend, second highest peak in Australia

View along the main range with Mt Jagungal in the distance

Border Reivers on Foot

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