Saturday, July 31, 2021

Early Carthaginians versus Syracusans Mortem et Gloriam Game


Syracusans deployed on the left, Carthaginians on the right

Opposite end of the table

Carthaginian left flank

Syracusan right flank is rather congested

Armies advance

Last Friday afternoon Garry came over to my place and we played an Early Carthaginian versus Syracusan Mortem et Gloriam (MeG) game out in the shed. It was a Magna sized game of 7000 points a side and we both actually had a hard time fitting all the troops on the 6 x 4 foot gaming mat. In future we will probably use the full length and breadth of my rickety old table tennis with a 9 x 5 foot mat. 

The Carthaginians were the attackers and wasted no time in advancing and the Syracusans did like wise. An early charge by the Syracusan light cavalry saw the Numidians evade. The entire Carthaginian line then charged into the Syracusans. The Syracusan Campanian cavalry were routed and casualties started to mount on both sides with gaps appearing in the lines. In the end we ran out of time again and the game was a draw but a result didn't feel that far off.

Numidians evade 

Carthaginian chariots declare a charge

Carthaginians charge the Syracusans

Campanian cavalry are routed and casualties mount on both sides

Game ends in a draw

Here are a few Carthaginian reinforcements I painted up this week and used in the game. The chariot, crew and horses are by Newline Designs with an Agema Miniatures spearmen that I couldn't fit in the Agema chariot I painted earlier in the year. The Libyan spearmen are by A&A Miniatures and Gripping Beast with a back rank of previously painted Victrix figures. The Carthaginian citizen spearmen are all Victrix figures with a new front rank.

Carthaginian chariot

Libyan spearmen

Carthaginian citizen spearmen

Friday, July 23, 2021

Nikephorian Skutatoi


Here's another post from the archives, these are Nikephorian Byzantine Skutatoi with rear ranks of supporting archers. These were initially based for Saga, hence the round bases, and are all Gripping Beast figures with LBM shield transfers and banner. I still haven't painted any of the cavalry for this army but have started on some of them and have others based and undercoated ready to go.


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Late Republican Roman Commanders


1st Corps - Pompey & standard bearer

1st Corps - Caesar & standard bearer

Here are some Late Republican Roman commanders that I've just finished painting. The figures are by 1st Corps Miniatures, Navigator Miniatures and Wargames Foundry with LBM shield transfers on the standard bearers. I thought I'd paint these up after our Pontic vs Late Republican Roman MeG game about a month ago. You need at least three or four commanders a side for MeG and these figures will give me a few more options for creating and swapping around three figure command bases for my Late Republican Romans.

Navigator - Crassus & a Roman commander

Foundry - Caesar, Pompey & a Roman consul

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Corinthian War - Coronea 394 BC - Command & Colors Ancients Game


Greeks deployed below Mt Helicon, Spartans on the right

Opposite end

Spartans and Greeks advance on their right flanks

Spartan right flank

Greek left flank

Double strength Thebans on the Greek right flank

Combat in the centre commences

Spartans and allies retreat

As mentioned in my last post this is the solo Coronea CCA game I played last Sunday afternoon. This was a much closer game and the Greeks enjoyed early success in the centre and were actually leading the game at one point 3-0. They were greatly hampered by poor cards, the double strength Thebans, the most resilient Greek unit, didn't actually fight in the whole game. In the end the Spartan right flank wiped out the entire Greek left flank to win a hard fought game 6-3 victory points.

Greeks have early success in the battle

Spartan MC attack Greek LC

Greek left flank starts to crumble

Spartan centre and left flank holds on

Greek left flank is driven back

Spartan centre and left flank is still under pressure

Greek left flank is destroyed

Spartans win a hard fought game 6-3 victory points

Monday, July 12, 2021

Corinthian War - Nemea 394 BC - Command and Colors Ancients Game


Greek allies on the left, Spartans & allies on the right

Opposite end

Spartan LC attack Greek LC

Spartans advance on their right flank

Greeks advance on their right flank

Spartans play a double time card

Last Saturday afternoon I played a solo Command & Colors Ancients (CCA) game out in the shed. The scenario was from the Corinthian War, the Battle of Nemea 394 BC, with Greek allies taking on the Spartans and their allies. The game played out much as it did historically with the Spartans breaking through on their right flank, while the Greeks won on their right flank. 

The Spartans had some very handy cards in their hand, including a double time and clash of shields card and used these to good effect to smash through the Greek left flank. While the Greeks won on their right flank, it was too little, too late and the Spartans and allies easily won the game 5-2 victory points. While I have the troops and table out I thought I'd play another battle from the Corinthian War, Coronea fought in the same year, so this will be up next.

Greeks advance in the centre

Spartans smash the Greek left flank

Greeks win on their right flank

Greek LI hold against Spartan LC

Spartan allies attack in the centre

Spartan allied slingers hold against the Thebans and Greek MC

Spartans & allies easily win 5-2 victory points

Command and Colors Ancients - Lake Vadimon 283 BC

  The Romans, Etruscans and Boii deployed Opposite end Etruscan light infantry suffer casualties from a retreat Roman leves with casualties ...