Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Epic Command & Colors Ancients - Battle of Granicus 334 BC


Macedonians on the left, Persians on the right

Opposite end

Alexander and Companions, Macedonian right flank

Arsites commander on the Persian left flank

Nicanor with Hypaspists, Macedonian centre

Parmenion & Thessalian cavalry, Macedonian right flank

Rheomithres commander Persian right flank

Mithridates commander Persian centre

On Wednesday afternoon Garry came over to my place and we played an Epic Command and Colors Ancients game out in the shed. The scenario was the Battle of Granicus. Garry commanded the Macedonians, who had an eight card hand and moved first. I commanded the Persians, who had a six card hand and moved second. The Macedonians got off to a flying start, attacking on their left flank and on the right with the Prodromoi, Paeonians and Agrianians. 

Casualties quickly mounted for the Persian cavalry and they played a double time card to get the Greek mercenary hoplites up to contest the river crossing. The Macedonians responded with a line command card to bring the pike into action. The Greek mercenaries fought back but it was too little, too late and the Macedonians won easily 8-3 victory points.

Macedonians attack on their left flank

Prodromoi, Paeonians & Agrianians attack on the right

Persians counterattack

Alexander & Companions force their way across the river

Side view of the action

Persians play a double time card with
Greek mercenaries in the centre

Macedonians play a line command card and
the pike advance into action

Greek mercenaries contest the river crossing
but it is too little, too late!

Macedonians win easily 8-3 victory points


  1. A great game is even better when played in miniature. Fantastic stuff!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, it was pretty quick but fun to play, the
      Persians didn’t do too badly.

  2. Lovely! And a historical result!

    1. Thanks Neil, always good to get a historical result, especially as I’d made up the epic scenario.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, it was fun to get the troops out.


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