Monday, November 15, 2021

Early Seleucids versus Galatians Mortem et Gloriam Game


Galatians left, Early Seleucids right

Opposite end of the table

Seleucid right flank

Seleucid centre

Seleucid left flank

Galatian right flank

Galatian centre

Galatian centre

Pisidian allies on the Galatian left flank

On Sunday morning I played a solo Pacto sized Mortem et Gloriam (MeG) game out in the shed, with the Early Seleucids taking on the Galatians. The armies advanced and were quickly in combat with the Galatian cavalry routed by the Seleucid Companions on their right flank. Meanwhile on the opposite flank the Seleucid line cavalry were routed by the Galatian chariots and combining with the cavalry threatened the Seleucid right flank. The Galatian warriors charged home and were soon engaged in a prolonged slogging match with the Seleucid line. The game seemed quite close and hard fought with wounded and killed commanders on both sides. The resilience of the Seleucid pike with three rather than two bases a unit was vital and in the end they won convincingly 15-4.

Armies advance

Galatian cavalry charge Companions

Galatian cavalry are routed

More charges on the Seleucid left flank and centre

Casualties slowly mount

Galatians suffer

Galatian cavalry and chariots break though on the left

They threaten the Seleucid pike's flank

Galatians break


  1. Fantastic minis and great looking battle!

  2. Thanks Michal it was a fun game.

  3. Thanks Ray, I thought the Galatians would do better, maybe next time...

  4. Great looking game, are pikes especially resilient in this rule set?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, bigger units are, in the Pacto format most units are two bases but pike are three, so break on four hits rather than three. In all versions units break on more than half casualties, skirmishers more than a third.


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