Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Battle of Telamon 225 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

View of the table with the Gauls deployed in the centre

Opposite end

Gallic chariots

Gallic baggage with guard

Atilius Regulus leads his Roman cavalry

Gallic cavalry on the hill

Taurisci and Boii infantry

Gaesati and Insubres infantry

Roman cavalry charge the Gallic cavalry

On Wednesday I played a solo game of the Battle of Telamon with Command and Colors Ancients. Telamon was the choice for this year's Society of Ancients Battle Day and there is an excellent article, by Duncan Head on it, in the latest issue of Slingshot (Issue No 322). I used this article and a slightly modified Command and Colors scenario for my game. This proved to be surprisingly close and the Gauls, certainly gave a good account of themselves.

The Romans got off to a flying start by charging and routing all of the Gallic cavalry and killing one of the Gallic commanders, in the first turn. The Romans played a Double Time card and launched an attack on the Gaesati and Insubres with equal losses on both sides. The Gauls responded with a Clash of Shields card and were able to destroy Aemilius' infantry centre. The victorious Roman cavalry on the hill counter attacked and were able to grind the Gallic infantry down. In the end the Romans won by 8 to 5 Victory Banners.

Roman cavalry make a Momentum Advance

Gallic chariots attack Regulus' Velites

Gallic chariots attack Aemilius' Velites

Aemilius' infantry attack with a Double Time card

Gaesati make a Momentum Advance

Gaesati and Insubres destroy Aemilius' centre

Roman cavalry counter attack

A Boii warrior unit charges

The Romans win by 8 to 5 Victory Banners


  1. Looks really great! Thank You for the report ;)

    1. Thanks Michal, CCA is a fun game, it is always enjoyable.

  2. Great stuff! Telamon has been seen on our gaming tables too. Fab looking troops!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, the SoA battle day is a nice idea, one battle many rule sets! Your To the Strongest game generated a lot of interest.

  3. Another great looking Ancients game, Mike. Love the look of Gallic chariots too.

    1. Thanks Dean, the chariots are by Warord and Renegade, the new Victrix ones look amazing but I have more than enough.

  4. Great looking game, lovely figures,rea rea nice Roman cavalry and always nice to see chariots!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I think Telamon was the last known battle in which the Gauls used chariots but they are fun.


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