Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hittites versus New Kingdom Egyptians ADLG Game

Hittites deployed on the left, Egyptians on the right

View from the opposite end of the table

Hittite right flank

Egyptian left flank

Hittite left flank

Egyptian right flank

The Hittites advance

Last Sunday down at the Vikings Club Garry and I played a Hittite versus New Kingdom Egyptian 200 point L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game. Garry commanded three corps of Egyptians and I commanded the same number of Hittites. The Hittites had some early success with their chariots on both flanks but once the infantry closed they suffered heavy casualties. The Sherden proved very tough in the centre and even the Egyptian bowmen proved surprisingly effective against the Hittite spearmen. Thanks to Garry for a fun game, it is always good to get these armies out and roll a few dice!

The Egyptians hold and use their superior bow fire

Chariots close on the Hittite left flank

Infantry in the centre exchange fire

Infantry in the centre close in melee

Egyptian light infantry destroy a Syrian light chariot unit

Hittite infantry suffer heavy casualties

Hittite army becomes demoralised and is defeated


  1. Very attractive figures and table. Tough result for the Hittites though!

  2. Thanks Aaron, yes I thought they'd do a bit better that, the Hittite infantry definitely under performed.

  3. Very impressive battlelines! Great gaming with great figures.

  4. Thanks Dean, I really enjoy the biblical games.

  5. Great looking game, sounds like you need more chariots!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, the chariots weren't the problem, it was the infantry!


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