Monday, December 2, 2019

Early Seleucids versus Galatians DBA Game

Galatian attackers deployed

Seleucid defenders advance

Galatian warbands

I haven't played a DBA game for years but did pick up Version 3 when it came out about five years ago. Earlier today I played a solo game with my Early Seleucids versus the Galatians. Surprisingly, the Galatians won easily, destroying four Seleucid elements, without losing any casualties themselves. Lucky dice rolling and the fact that the Seleucid pike didn't get in combat at all, assisted the cause. It was fun to get my 15mm out and roll some dice, despite the long break in playing the rules.

Galatian cavalry and chariots force Seleucids to recoil

Seleucid light horse and elephant are destroyed

Galatians are victorious


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