Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Vikings versus Anglo-Danes Mortem et Gloriam Game


View from the Vikings' side

Anglo-Danish side

Anglo-Danish left flank

Norman Mercenaries

Side view from Anglo-Danish right flank

Viking right flank

Viking centre

On Tuesday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played another Pacto sized Mortem et Gloriam game, with his Anglo-Danes taking on my Vikings. This proved to be quite a close game and the Viking centre threatened to collapse early on before recovering. Eventually the Vikings ground down the Anglo-Danish shieldwall in the centre and the Select Fyrd proved no match for the Huscarls and Hird on the Viking's left flank. It was a much closer result then it appeared as at least four Vikings units were on the verge of breaking.

Viking left flank

Viking left flank closes

Action in the centre and on the right

Viking left flank again

Casualties are mounting

Normans hold on

Anglo-Danes break


  1. Great gaming again, Mike! You guys certainly have a large collection of beautifully painted/based figures - and get them into battle often.

    1. Thanks Dean, yes we've been getting in a few games recently while Craig has been on leave.

  2. A bloody and superb period to play, great looking game!

    1. Thanks Phil, it was fun to win a game with the Vikings.

  3. So good to seeing you continue with F2F gaming in a grand scale!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, always enjoy Viking games.

  4. Great looking game and a close game is always a good game!
    Best Iain


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