Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sabis/Sambre 57 BC - Strength and Honour Game


Romans deployed, Belgae lurk in the woods

Belgae charge across the river, Romans are disordered

LC and skirmishers fight briefly before routing

XIII and XIV legions with baggage arrive on the table

Viromanui and Atrebates are pushed back

Nervii attack repeatedly

On Wednesday afternoon Rick and Garry came over to my place and we played another 28mm Strength and Honour game out in the shed. The scenario was the battle of Sabis 57 BC with Rick and Garry commanding the Gauls (Belgae), and I commanded the Romans. We modified the scenario slightly adding in some light cavalry, a single unit for the Belgae and two for the Romans - Numidians and Treveri. The light cavalry and skirmishers performed pretty much as expected, fighting briefly before routing, as they did in the actual battle!  

The Romans were extremely lucky at the start of the game rallying all four disordered legions in the first turn of the game. They also had the reinforcements, the XIII and XIV legions with the baggage train, arrive on the table exactly in turn three. Despite this it was quite a prolonged struggle that lasted many turns with quite a few twists in fortune and many push backs for both sides.  In the end we ran out of time, the Romans had the upper hand, the Belgae were demoralised but a result was still a few turns away.

Viromanui and Atrebates are pushed back over the river

They rally and fight back

Nervii are pushed back

Romans hold the line

Romans are pushed back

Belgae force is demoralised


  1. Always enjoy a good Sabis/Sambre fight! How long were you playing for, if I may ask?

    1. Thanks Aaron, about 4 hours I think, there’s a lot of push backs in combat and it can go back and forth.

    2. Sorry it was only 3 hours.

  2. What a game!
    Looking great as always!

    1. Thanks Michal, it was fun for both sides.

  3. Out of interest, how does it play in 28mm? I note you have invested in 2mm....

    1. Thanks Neil, I think it plays fine with 28s but smaller scales have definite advantages, things like small skirmish and reserve lines. The terrain and buildings for 2mm are big attraction for me, you can have an entire Roman marching camp or fortified town on a 6 x 4 table.


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