Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Never Mind the Billhooks Game Four


Yorkist and Lancastrian forces deployed

Lancastrians advance and shoot

Above are two Front Rank War of the Roses mounted men-at-arms that I've just painted. Like a lot of people I've been really looking forward to the release of Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe by Andy Callan, as I really enjoyed the games of Billhooks I'd played before. While waiting for my copy to arrive, I thought I'd play a small solo game to refresh my memory on the rules, using two near identical forces of two commanders, and single units of men-at-arms, archers, billmen and skirmishers.

After the initial manoeuvre phase the Lancastrians advanced and shot causing casualties on the Yorkist billmen. Undaunted these charged into combat with the Lancastrian billmen, the resulting melee was a draw. Some withering fire from the Yorkist archers inflicted heavy casualties on the Lancastrian archers and at the end of the turn they broke when they failed their morale test as they were reduced to half strength or less. The Yorkist billmen and archers then both broke after failing their morale tests and Henry put the final nail in the coffin by killing the Yorkist commander.

Yorkist billmen charge

Melee is a draw

Yorkists suffer casualties from skirmishers

Both commanders are wounded 

Yorkist billmen and archers break

Henry kills the Yorkist commander


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    1. Thanks Michal, they’re a fun set, the Deluxe version is definitely worth picking up.


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