Friday, December 9, 2022

Early Achaemenid Persians versus Greeks - Age of Alexander Saga Game


Greeks and Persians deployed



Persian cavalry attack

On Friday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played an early Persians versus Greeks, Age of Alexander Saga game. Both sides were six points with the usual Clash of Warlords scenario. The Persian cavalry attacked early in the game but retreated lucky to survive. The Bactrian cavalry then shot at the hearthguard Greek hoplites but ended up retreating below half strength. The Greek line of battle proved to be effective but the Persian infantry survived repeated Greek attacks and with One Volley After Another shooting attacks evened up the contest. In the end it was a 15-15 draw, fun to get the troops out and play our first Age of Alexander Saga game.

Persian cavalry retreat

Bactrian cavalry shoot

Bactrians retreat

Persian infantry survive the Greek attacks

Game ends in a 15-15 draw


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