Thursday, January 26, 2023

Parthian Cataphracts


Above are some Parthian cataphracts that I've just finished painting. These are Gripping Beast plastics, the same set as their Late Roman cataphracts but with different heads.

Earlier in the week we did a short overnight walk in the Snowy Mountains National Park. Below are a few photos of our walk from Dead Horse Gap to Teddy's Hut and back. There was a bit of excitement when we had a close encounter with a red belly black snake near the aptly named Boggy Plain. The weather was nice but we did have rain and a thunderstorm rolled in on the afternoon and evening of the first day.

Near Thredbo River with the
Rams Heads in the background

The Chimneys


Mt Leo on the left

Yabbie claws in the bog

Bird's nest

Delicate flowers and moss

Teddy's Hut

Tent and hut in the morning

Interior of the hut


A brumby

A brumby's skull

The Chimneys

More brumbies

Blowies in the snowies!


  1. Lovely cataphracts and great looking terrain, I like the weathered bothy!
    Best Iain

  2. Nice figures and nice scenery too!

  3. Fabulous mate, I have not done a snowy walk for 20 odd years, great to see the brumbies out and about.

    Great work on the cataphracts, the Gripping Beast miniatures are really nice to paint.


    1. Thanks Matt, yes there’s still plenty of them up there. I like the GB plastics, not as nice as Victrix but usually pretty easy to paint.


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