Friday, March 1, 2024

Lusitanians versus Mongols Lion Rampant Game


Forces deployed

Mongols advance

Lusitanian ginetes and skirmishers

Nearly in bow range!

Last Thursday afternoon Craig came over for a Lion Rampant practice game, as there is a Lion Rampant event as part of BelCon on Saturday 24 March 2024 at the Raiders Club in Kippax. There are various other comps/events, including 15mm MeG over two days, tickets and details are available on the Olympian Games website. Craig has been painting a Late Medieval Portuguese or Lusitanian force for Billhooks but still has some unfinished units. I thought I’d try my Mongols but had to draft in some Huns as substitutes to make up the numbers. 

Both forces advanced to within firing range and the Mongols eventually routed both units of ginetes (Portuguese spelling) and the spearmen. The Lusitanian crossbowmen and skirmishers proved very effective and accounted for the Mongol elite cavalry with leader and a unit of heavy cavalry. The Lusitanian elite cavalry barely advanced the whole game but the crossbowmen and skirmishers did enough to win the day.


Mongols target the spearmen

Whittling away

Lusitanian skirmishers prove effective

Lusitanians win the day


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