Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tlaxcallan Command and Archers


Here are some Tlaxcallan command stands and archers. The command figures with vine and crane banners are by the Assault Group and the archers are a mix of Assault Group and Wargames Atlantic plastic Aztecs that have head bands and feathers added. The Tlaxcallans were enemies of the Aztecs and allies of the Conquistadors. A great resource on the appearance of the Tlaxcallans is the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, an online version of which is available on the University of New Mexico's Digital Collections site.


  1. Unusual period to paint. Very interesting.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, the Tlaxcallans and Aztecs are very colourful and fun to paint.

  2. Great looking Aztecs, Mike! Coincidentally, I was just on the TAG site looking for some Chinese cav, and did look at their Aztec range too. Great figures!


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