Friday, April 12, 2024

Sumerian ADLG Game - Lagash versus Ur Revisited


Forces deployed - Lagash on the left, Ur on the right

Opposite end

Shooting commences

Armies close

I haven't played a game with my Sumerian armies for about two years, so thought it was high time to get them out on the table again. Last Thursday afternoon Craig came over and we played a Sumerian ADLG game out in the shed. We diced for sides and I commanded the army of Lagash and Craig commanded the army of Ur. Both armies are very similar and could really represent any Sumerian city state. The spearmen of the army of Ur have copper helmets and copper studded cloaks as depicted in the Standard of Ur in the British Museum. The spearmen of Lagash have copper helmets, crossed leather belts on their upper bodies with long spears and a front rank of axe armed shield bearers with large shields as depicted in the Stele of Vultures in the Louvre.

I had already deployed the armies on a small 6 x 4 foot mat to save time and Craig was the attacker and moved first. The armies advanced within shooting range and exchanged missile fire. I charged on the left flank with my battle cars and in the centre with my spearmen and royal guard axemen. A protracted combat ensued which was soon joined by units on both sides on the Lagash right flank. Craig had terrible luck with his dice in the game and couldn't take a trick in combat. Some games are just like that, as I had experienced recently in our Second Bedriacum, Strength and Honour game! Gaps appeared in the Ur line, a commander was killed in combat and before long the army of Ur had broken. 

Combat in the centre

Battle cars in combat on the Lagash left flank

Gaps appear in the Ur line

Army of Ur breaks


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