Saturday, October 6, 2018

Battle at Bassa's Ford Dux Bellorum Game

View of the table from the Romano-British side

View from the Early Saxons' side

Saxon Foot Companions, Noble Warriors and Ordinary Warriors

Saxon Ordinary Riders and Ordinary Warriors

Romano-British Noble Riders charge

On Sunday afternoon, a couple of weeks ago, Craig came over to my place and we played a 32 point Dux Bellorum game with his Early Saxons attacking my Romano-British. We used the scenario, the Battle at Bassa's Ford, in the Age of Arthur WAB supplement (pp. 102-103) but forgot to do the single combat at the start! The idea was to link our Dux Bellorum games with the Age of Arthur WAB campaign, The Raiding Season (pp.133-145).

The Saxons were the attackers and quickly surged across the river to attack the Romano-British Ordinary Shieldwall units. It was a close and exciting game that came right down the wire to the last turn, when my skirmishers managed to destroy the Saxon Foot companions by shooting, causing an automatic 75% casualties Saxon rout. This was a mighty victory for the Romano-British so our next game will be Scenario 1, the Battle on the River Glein (p.98).

Saxon Warriors charge across the river

The Romano-British Ordinary Shieldwalls hold firm

Romano-British Skirmishers destroy the Saxon Foot Companions by shooting

The Saxons rout 


  1. Your close-up photos show some very handsome figures. Nice collection!

    The battle lines appear close at the start. How wide is your game table?

    1. Thanks Jonathan, it's a 6' by 4' table I use for skirmish games, I have a 9' by 5' table tennis table I use for bigger games.

  2. Lovely looking game, interesting linking it with a campaign.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, it's suppose to give each game a bit more context.

  3. Great looking game and figures once again!

    1. Thanks Dean, Craig has some nice Early Saxons he won as first prize in a Saga comp.


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