Thursday, February 20, 2020

Warlord Seleucid Cataphracts

Warlord Seleucid Cataphracts

Here is a guest post from Garry on some Warlord Seleucid cataphracts, with a brief review below.

Warlord’s resin Seleucid Cataphracts are good sculpts with three different riders and horses. The command figures have an officer, trumpeter and standard bearer. I used a LBM transfer as a standard and gave the kontos armed troopers longer brass weapons. The resin paints well but is tricky to clean due to its softness. In terms of size and detail, they're slightly smaller than Aventine (see Aventine Agema photo below) but compare well with Polemarch and Relic Miniatures.

Warlord left, Aventine right


  1. Gorgeous cataphracts, well done!

  2. Great looking heavy cav, Mike. Good to know about the painting of these resins too.

    1. Thanks Dean, Garry has done a nice job on them. I'm not that keen on the resin figures they're very detailed but quite brittle and more expensive than plastic or metal.



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