Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Landing - Lion Rampant A Viking in the Sun Game


Muslim defenders on the left, Byzantine attackers on the right

Opposite end

Abd Allah leads his cavalry and infantry

Muslim archers

Muslim Fierce Foot, archers and light infantry

Byzantine skirmishers, Varangians, spearmen & archers

Forces advance

Muslim Fierce Foot attack skirmishers

On Wednesday morning I played a solo Lion Rampant A Viking in the Sun game out in the shed. The scenario was The Landing (p.80.) in Sicily with the Muslim defenders led by Abd Allah fighting the Byzantine attackers led by Harald Hardrada. The aim for the Byzantines and Varangians under Harald was basically to exit the northern edge of the table with as many units as possible. 

This proved to be a tough scenario for the attackers in my game. Only the Varangians under Harald escaped to fight another day and only one unit of Muslim Fierce Foot was destroyed. It was a comprehensive victory for the Muslims with five Byzantine units destroyed, two of these nearly made it off the table. 

Muslim Fierce Foot retreat battered

Byzantine spearmen charge

Spearmen retreat battered, Varangians make a break for it

Muslim heavy cavalry charge the Varangians

Their attack is beaten off

They charge again into the spearmen

The spearmen break - Muslims win


  1. Thanks Michal, it was good fun.

  2. Love this. Am thinking about picking up some GB arabs to match against my vikings (and eventually morph into Italo-Normans). This is inspirational.

    1. Thanks fmb, the GB plastics are great to assemble and paint. Conquest Games have plastic Normans and Victrix have released infantry with cavalry to follow. Fireforge have plastic Byzantines, so many choices!

  3. Great gaming - love to see clash of cultures.

    1. Thanks Dean, it is an interesting mix, for sure.

  4. Great looking troops and a great looking game.

    1. Thanks Ray, it was fun, tough scenario for the Byzantines.


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