Saturday, May 28, 2022

Watling Street 60/61 AD - Strength and Honour Game


Side view of the armies deployed

View of the Iceni from the Roman lines

View of the Roman forces

 XX Valeria Victrix with Suetonius Paulinus attached

XIV Gemina with a small cavalry reserve attached

Veteran auxiliaries Roman right flank

Veteran auxiliaries Roman left flank
 with a small cavalry reserve attached

Britons advance

Iceni warband

Trinovanti warbands 

On Friday afternoon I went over to Rick's place for a game of Strength and Honour. The scenario was Watling Street, with Rick commanding the Romans. The Iceni were the attackers and we both rolled +2 on the auguries. Both forces were deployed fairly close together so it didn't take long before they were in combat. The Iceni pushed backed the Roman auxiliaries on their right flank and threatened their left flank with chariots and light cavalry. The Atrebates were very slow starters and took a couple of turns before committing to forward movement! 

The Roman auxiliaries held firm and repulsed all attacks, eventually routing the chariots and one of Iceni warbands. At this stage of the game the setback and disaster cards were mounting for the Iceni but they continued in pressing the attack, pushing back the auxiliaries repeatedly. The Roman line held firm, and the Iceni were unable to break though. In the end the Romans won convincingly, but it was a really fun game with quite a few tense moments for both sides.

Sluggish Atrebates warbands

Iceni warband with Boudicca attached

Light cavalry and chariots on the right flank

Iceni charge Gemina XIV

Boudicca urges on her troops

Auxiliaries are pushed back and flanks threatened

Auxiliaries repulse all attacks -
routing chariots and an Iceni warband

Auxiliaries are pushed back again

The Roman line holds firm

Iceni break


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, it was good to get the EIR out for a game.

  2. Great looking troops, Mike. Love to see these two armies against each other. Classic wargaming.

  3. Thanks Dean, we've played this battle a few times, always good fun.


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