Monday, August 1, 2022

Antigonid versus Eumenid Successors - To the Strongest Game


Antigonus’ forces left, Eumenes’ forces right

Opposite end

Satrapal cavalry charge on Eumenes’ left flank

Demetrius’ xystophoroi don’t last long

Flank charge on Antigonus’pike

Last Sunday I played a solo To the Strongest game out in the shed. This was my first game and I chose small Antigonid versus Eumenid Successor forces, to get used to the rules and because I wanted to use some commanders I’d painted recently. Antigonus out scouted Eumenes and moved first. The two sides had very similar armies but the game proved to be very one sided.

Antigonus' forces destroyed a unit of Persian slingers by shooting in the first turn, but it was all downhill from there. Eumenes’ satrapal cavaly on the left flank quickly accounted for Demetrius’s xystophoroi and horse archers destroyed the Antigonid Tarentines. Eumenes’ xystophoroi routed Antigonus’ cavalry on the left flank and the single remaining Antigonid unit of horse archers was in trouble facing two formed units. Antigonus' forces continued the fight, counter attacking in the centre but it all came unraveled when Antigonus' veteran pike was routed. An easy and very decisive victory for Eumenes who had all the luck in this game.

Antigonus’ cavalry on the left flank are in trouble 

Antigonus’ forces fight on

Antigonus’ veteran pike counter attack

It all comes unraveled 

An easy and decisive victory for Eumenes


  1. Fantastic battle as always sir!
    Warm regards

    1. Thanks Michal, it was fun to get the Successors out for a game.

  2. Very interesting. Did you have any issues with TtS whilst playing solo?

    1. I’m sure I got a few things wrong, first game after all.

  3. Lovely looking game and I do like TtS, it gives a nice rapid , fun game in my experience.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, it’s definitely fast play, this was my first game.

  4. Inspiring gaming as always, Mike!


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