Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Early Mycenaeans ADLG Game


Armies deployed

My chariots charge and spearmen suffer casualties 

Chariot combat on the right flank

Spearmen and archers on the left flank

Chariot combat is prolonged

On Tuesday Craig came over to my place and we played a small 100 point ADLG game with two Early Mycenaean armies. Craig had more archers and medium spearmen in his force, while I had chosen all elite chariots and spearmen as heavy spearmen with pavise. I was the attacker and advanced cautiously but in the third turn my chariots charged in and a prolonged combat ensued. 

Craig as usual had bad luck with his dice but I wasn't complaining and casualties quickly mounted. The infantry combat on my left was level pegging but I was outnumbered and Craig's archers threatened the flank. Eventually Craig's chariots were worn down and when I killed one of his commanders his army broke. The elite chariots and heavy spearmen with pavise seemed to have paid off and were worth the extra points.

While I was sorting out my army for this game I dug out my Grand Manner Troy set (see photo below) which I bought about fourteen years ago but haven't done anything with since. This consists of resin walls, towers, a staircase and a gateway. The detail is quite amazing and you can remove various levels on the towers and the interior has stairs, furnishings with spare weapons and shields. Anyway I plan to start painting this, it will take a while! The Osprey books by Nic Fields, Troy c.1700-1250 BC and Mycenaean Citadels c.1350-1200 BC are a good source of inspiration.

Casualties mount

Withdrawal and repositioning of units

Craig's Mycenaeans break

Grand Manner Troy set


  1. Great looking battle and awesome looking archaic fortress!
    Best Iain

  2. Thanks Iain, it’s a nice bit of kit.


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