Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Gangs of Rome Two Game


Gangs and mobs deployed

My fighters are caught flat footed

On Tuesday afternoon Robert came over and we played a Gangs of Rome Two game out in the shed. I bought and painted most of my buildings and figures back in 2018 when it first came out. Since then I’ve added some pre-painted Empires of War buildings and a few more Sarissa Precision ones as well. The Sarissa Precision mdf kits are really cleverly designed and are a lot of fun to put together. I’ve found that spay painting with a base colour seems to get better results than using a paint brush on the buildings. Collecting and painting these Roman buildings is a big part of the attraction for me.

We both had five gang fighters at 125 points and Looting (p.28.), was the first scenario in the new rule book. The player who held the most, of four objective tokens, by the end of turn five was the winner. The game uses random token activation of individual fighters and mob bases and Robert was able to get a good head start on me in the first couple of turns, snaffling most of the objective markers. The mob bases provide a random element to the game, and can become enraged and attack your fighters. Robert’s fighters blended in with the mob bases and while exiting any of the three on the table mean there wasn’t much I could do. We both ended up with two fighters dead but Robert won easily with three out of the four objective tokens.

Roman mobs cause chaos

Robert’s fighters snaffle the objective markers

Robert's fighters win easily


  1. Looks like it was good fun, the building do look good, I like them.

    1. Thanks Donnie, it was fun and good to get the buildings and gang fighters out for a game.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, the Sarissa buildings do look good.


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