Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Cattle Raid Dux Bellorum Game

View of the table from the Saxon lines

View from the Romano-British lines

Both sides advance 

Last Saturday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a third game in our Dux Bellorum campaign using the Age of Arthur WAB supplement with scenario 9, The Cattle Raid (pp.114-115). After two Mighty Victories in the previous games I was now the attacker with my Romano-British and Craig had a slightly reduced Saxon force of 29 points. The Brit raiders had looted a Saxon settlement and were making off with the loot (two ox carts and a flock of sheep) when the Saxons returned determined to prevent them and recapture the baggage.

The Brits lost all their skirmishers early in the game but the casualties were mounting on the Saxons' side and they were slowly but surely being driven back. The Saxons managed to recapture all the baggage but were not fairing so well in actual combat. We stuffed up the main combat on the left flank by forgetting to target the hits on my Noble Riders rather than my Companions, so called it a draw, as otherwise the Saxons would not have routed so quickly.

Romano-Brit foot skirmishers are destroyed in the centre

The Saxons are driven back

All the loot is recaptured but the Saxons are on the verge of breaking

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Scythian Horse Archers

Here are some Scythian horse archers, they are a real mix of ranges - Hinchliffe Miniatures, Warlord Games, Wargames Foundry, Old Glory and a single A&A figure. The Hinchliffe figures are single piece castings that I bought and painted way back in the mists of time! I must admit to a nostalgic fondness for these figures and have rebased them and touched them up a bit.

The Foundry figures are the nicest range but I quite like the Old Glory and Warlord figures as well. I have two six figure units of the Foundry Scythian nobles to paint then I should have enough for a game of Chariots Rampant with the Scythians. I really like horse archer armies even though they don't do very well in most rule sets (often the table size is an issue) and also have Parthians, Huns and Mongols.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Battle of Hydaspes - Command and Colors Ancients

Side view of the armies deployed

Indian left flank

Indian centre

Indian centre

Indian centre

Indian right flank

Macedonian right flank

Macedonian centre

Macedonian left flank

Macedonian pike advance

Side view of the action

Here are photos of our Battle of Hydaspes, Command and Colors Ancients game, at Little Wars Canberra last Sunday. We played two games, the photos are all of the first game between Dennis and Paul. Both games were a lot of fun, quite close and with identical results, 7-6 victory banners for the Macedonians but Alexander was killed in both games! In the afternoon game I commanded the Indians and Dennis and Rick were the Macedonians. The Indians started really well in both games but eventually ran out of steam to be pipped at the post by the Macedonians. Thanks to Dennis, Paul and Rick for the fun games.

I was chatting to an interested spectator about my Indians and Ancients generally, and it turned out that they lived in the same street as me, three houses up the road! Quite a coincidence! We've exchanged emails and hopefully will get a chance to play a game at some stage.

Opposite side

Indian chariots and elephants get stuck in

Alexander's Companions charge into combat

Another side view

Alexander escapes, for the time being!

Back on the other side

Indian elephants and chariots attack the pike

Closer view of the elephants in action

Indian right flank is threatened

The final surviving elephant unit takes on the pike

Both armies are tied - the deciding combat

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Little Wars Canberra 2018 - The Games

Greg Blake's 28mm ACW Regimental Fire and Fury game

28mm Spectre Operations game

54mm WW2 game

Lebanon 1941 Export or Perish game

North Africa WW2 What a Tanker game

Allenby 1917 WW1 Gaza The Men Who Would be Kings game

Allenby 1917 WW1 Gaza The Men Who Would be Kings game

Allenby 1917 WW1 Gaza The Men Who Would be Kings game

Last Sunday the Little Wars Canberra 2018 event was held at the Vikings Club in Lanyon and here are photos of most of the games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as usual, checking out or playing the various participation games and buying essential gaming supplies from the traders! A big thanks to Greg, Ian and Leigh who organised everything, with all proceeds going to the Soldier On charity. I'll post photos from our Command and Colors Ancients, Battle of Hydaspes game separately as I took quite a few pics.

General Quarters GQ3 WW2 Naval game

Mexican Adventure 1861-67 Black Powder with Mexican forces visible

Mexican Adventure 1861-67 Black Powder French forces advancing

28mm Immingham ECW game

WW1 Gallipoli Lone Pine game

Craig and David's Maximilian 1934 game - Watch out for the 'roos and emus!

Command and Colors Ancients Battle of Hydaspes game

Command and Colors Ancients Battle of Hydaspes game

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

More Indian Four Horse Chariots

Here is the final chariot unit for out Command and Colors Ancients Hydaspes games at Little Wars Canberra next Sunday. They are all 1st Corps Miniatures figures. I'm really looking forward to Little Wars it is always a fun, relaxed event with a wide range of participation games and quite a few vendors. I've put in an order with Nic from Eureka Miniatures for their Bronze Age Greek chariots and Denisovans. For details of some of the other games see my previous post on Little Wars Canberra 4 November 2018. Would be Alexanders or King Porus, I hope to see you there!

The Cattle Raid Dux Bellorum Game

View of the table from the Saxon lines View from the Romano-British lines Both sides advance  Last Saturday afternoo...